Write For Us

Are you looking at breaking into the video game journalism scene? Like to play games before other people or try out hardware and really get into the geeky stuff?

Writing for VGU is a great way to gain exposure in the video games industry and improve your skills with our team of experienced writers. We have a number of different contributory based writing positions available at the site, which fit into three main sections; video games, hardware and tabletop or TCG games.

The positions as contributors are paid but payment is based per article and by article type.  We do have some other great benefits such as free games, free hardware and access to specialist press events in the UK and around the world.

To be considered as a writer here, we expect a couple of things.

  • Have a good understanding of both written and spoken English. It does not need to be your first language, but you should not have a lot of grammatical or spelling errors in your content.
  • Deadlines are deadlines. If you are set one we would expect you to meet it, this would be arranged with an editor before the work is undertaken.
  • All content should be fact-checked with the most up to date comprehensive information from reliable sources.
  • Personality! We want our writers to create content where our readers enjoying reading it and you enjoy writing it.  Your stuff should be engaging, interesting and basically just not boring.


If you have read this far and are still interested, we ask for a couple of things before the big decision.

  • One review based on your chosen area (hardware, video games or tabletop/TCG etc) – 800-1000 words approx.
    • Should have a score out of ten and a “final thoughts” about a sentence long (we call it a TLDR).
    • Please be aware that all writers are might be needed to branch into other areas if the site needs it. We will try to keep you in your chosen area as much as possible but cannot guarantee it.
    • The information should not be copied from anywhere and must not source info purely from Wikipedia or a similar site. No Plagiarism.
  • One piece of news.
    • This should be a recent event in the gaming industry and can be a game or hardware announcement.
    • It should be fact-checked and have all the most up to date information.

Please send your review and news sample, along with your CV to jobs[at]vguncovered.com

Please note we do not accept guest posting to this email address any “Guest Post” emails will be deleted without being read.

Good luck!