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How to sneak in Vampyr

Vampyr Guide

In Vampyr there are moments when enemies have their back to you and if you’ve wondered how can I sneak up on this person without them hearing me, you would not be the only one! The game does not make it obvious on how sneaking can be performed. Here’s how you sneak in Vampyr:

  • Sneaking is essentially¬†slow walking and making “less noise” than you would be running around. You do this by simply pushing the thumbstick on console less so Jonathon slows down to a walking pace. On PC you can also hold CTRL¬†that will make him walk instead of run.
  • While “sneaking” you should then be able to walk up an enemy unaware of your presence to stun them, take some blood gaining health and for skill usage and take them by surprise for a better combat advantage.
  • Sneaking up on enemies means you can also take one out usually before the others can catch up to you and make it more difficult with multiple opponents.

Remember if an enemy sees you, walking slowly will no longer be of any use and you’ll need to fight them as normal.

It’s not sneaking but a bonus tip, use Smokescreen to turn invisible which can give you the surprise attack but at the cost of a lot of stamina. Attacking an enemy will also stop Smokescreen and you’ll be visible again.