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How to get the Life is Strange Easter Egg in Vampyr

Vampyr Guide

There’s a Life of Strange Easter Egg hidden somewhere in Vampyr and if you have heard the rumour and want to know how to find it, we’ve got the guide for you.

If you are wondering why there is a Life is Strange Easter Egg goodie inside Vampyr, it is because of Dontnod the developer of Vampyr is also the same team that brought you Life is Strange.

To find the Easter Egg you need to keep a plant alive.

Finding the Life is Strange Easter Egg

The first stage of finding the easter egg is at the start in Pembroke Hospital, when you get your own office on the second floor there is a plant next to to the table with the medical equipment on it.

This plant is tied to the Life is Strange hidden easter egg.

To keep the plan alive you need to find a very specific type of water that you can only gain access to from Chapter 4 onwards.

Pure water is what you are looking for and can be found at the Market Square at the north of Reid Mansion. In the square you’ll find a blue boarded up the building under a platform that you can hump on and inside there is the water you need.

Once collected take the water back to your office at Pembroke Hospital and interact with the plant once you have it in your inventory. After you water the plant and sleep for three nights the plant will have revitalised with lush green leaves.

Interact with the plant once more and you’ll unlock the Life is Strange Easter Egg. That’s it! You’ll have completed the steps in this guide to unlock the Life is Strange scene in Vampyr and it is a cool hidden little gift from the developers of both games.