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How to finish the Vampyr without killing anyone

Vampyr Guide

In Vampyr, your experience and difficult are tied to the Citizens in the game. You are given the chance to learn more about those who live around you in the interest of “fattening” your meal before you decide to drain them of their blood. However, if you have wondered “Can I complete Vampyr without killing anyone” or “Is it possible to complete the game without a single death” then we have the answer.


You can finish the game without killing any of the citizens of London but there are some things you should be aware of.

Blood means EXP

Drinking the blood of the residents in each district even before finding out all their “hints” is the only way for Jonathon to acquire loads of experience in one go. Some characters can give him as much as 6000XP in one go which really pushes you to do it.

Skill choices are important with low exp

Due to having less experience, it means you need to be smart with your character build and choose the right skills for the type of playthrough you want. Some skills are more vital than others when you only have 2000 XP to choose them with.

The game is harder

As you will gain a lot fewer experience points without drinking blood, it also means less access to Vampire Skills, passive bonuses and more. This makes Jonathon a lot weaker than what he would be if he decided to embrace his Vampyre ways. You can maximise your EXP gain though by completing side questions, investigations, getting clues and keeping districts healthy.

Crafting is key to living

You’ll need to maximise your damage output as you won’t be as strong without your weapons at their best. This means that crafting the best weapons and improving them is key to surviving when you face the tougher enemies later in the game. Plus you can improve your blood drain through weapons which means you can use your skills if you have some but a low blood pool.

Making a stronger character

You’ll also want to read our advice on making your character a strong as possible if you are choosing the “good” playthrough. Our tips on making Jonathon stronger should help your playthrough become less tedious by choosing the right skills and weapons for the job.