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Finding handle and triggers crafting components in Vampyr

Vampyr Guide

When upgrading your weapons you’ll most likely need to find handles and triggers which are two vital crafting materials needed to upgrade your weapons to a higher level, dealing more damage and unlocking additional skills.

These crafting materials are key to surviving longer in the game and even more important if you are trying a Vampyr no-kill playthrough which makes Jonathon weaker than if he was snacking on all the citizens of London.

How to upgrade weapons using crafting materials

Upgrading any weapon in Vampyr means finding and stockpiling the handle and trigger parts. Guns will use the triggers, while melee weapons as you have probably guessed will use the handles.

Buying the required crating items – handles and triggers

The easiest way to get the triggers or handles is the buy them from a merchant.

In each area, there are usually two people you can buy various supplies to help you in the game. The earliest person is at Pembroke Hospital who is called Milton Hooks he can be found outside the main entrance most of the time.

If you ever struggle to find him use your Vampire senses to locate him.

He will sell both the handles and the triggers but of course, you’ll need to pay for them, if you do find him and he does not have anything then leave the area and come back later and he should have a different array of items. This is the same for all merchants if they ever don’t have what you are looking for.

Finding the handles and triggers in Vampyr

Another way of finding the parts you need to level up weapons is to find them in the world.

One way of finding them is by fighting enemies, usually, there is a better chance of finding handles etc when you are against humans who have guns such as rifles.

Another way of finding items is by dismantling other items you no longer need, by doing so you have a chance of finding the ones you need and again is usually more common to find when dismantling rifles.

How to get higher quality crafting materials

In the later stages of the game, you’ll start to be able to find better quality materials which will help make your weapons stronger than the common items.

This means you’ll eventually have access to components which you’ll be able to use to make level 4 and 5 weapons.