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Creating a Strong Character in Vampyr

Vampyr Guide

Finding the right build for your playthrough is key, more so if you decide to take the route of less blood as your EXP gain will be a lot lower. We’ve put together some tips on how to create a stronger Jonathon in your playthrough for Vampyr.


The starting weapons to consider for the beginning is the Surgical Hacksaw for your melee weapon which you can find quite easily on the first floor of the Pembroke Hospital.

As for your secondary weapon you’ll want something that you can cause stagger or stun as it can help you get some distance or go in for the final kill.


Once you have your set weapons upgrading them is next, for the Surgical Hacksaw you should improve the Blood Absorption rate which allows you to gain 2.5 blood for every hit. This will allow you to use your Vampyre skills more easily, which is key if you are unable to get a wider skill set due to not draining blood from citizens.


Two useful skills are the Autophagy skill that allows you to recover your health by drinking your own blood. This is useful if you need to recover a little bit of health before heading back into a fight or if you are running low and there are no walking blood bags around for your next meal.

For damage, the best skill to use in my opinion is the Blood Spear, when you max out the damage it can be pretty devastating and means you won’t need to rely on guns that need ammo. Combine this with you weapons that drain blood points from enemies and you should always have enough to use the skill fairly often.

A nice support skill is Blood Barrier that costs nothing to use but will protect you for a short time against damage, this can be vital in tougher boss battles to soak up their stronger attacks. You’ll also be able to sometimes inflict stun damage when they hit the barrier giving you valuable time to counter.

Health and Stamina limits are also something you should consider maxing out when you can. In a fight when you have less blood or skills to rely on your endurance and brute strength in a fight against a group of enemies or a boss can make all the difference. You’ll be able to attack for longer, hit harder or dodge more often.