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Beginner Starting Tips and Tricks for Vampyr

Vampyr Guide

In this guide, we’ve outlined the basic tips and tricks to help get you started in Vampyr. At the start it can be a little difficult to get used to the combat, crafting and hurts if you decide to jump into fights a little too early.

Choose to kill or not kill at the start of the game

In the start of Vampyr after the opening mission, you’ll be faced with a choice of sucking the blood of Clay Cox a drunk near the Pembroke Hospital. 

You can decide to take the advice of the unknown shadowed being and suck all his blood for a massive EXP boost but if you want to do a no-kill playthrough remember not to take the advice and let him live.

Get a one-handed like the Surgical Blade

The surgical blade is a good starting weapon that you can get near the start of the game and is able to also drain blood on each hit when in combat against enemies. Other one-handed weapons are fast but do less damage than their two hand counterparts, decide which you’d prefer to do based on your combat style.

Build up your health and stamina

Regardless of your playthrough whether you kill or decide to go vegetarian, Jonathon will do much better in the fight if he can last longer without running out of steam.

Improving his stamina will help with your ability to chain attacks together before you need to stop, plus it also means you can dodge enemy attacks for longer without having to regroup.

Also goes without saying that improving your health means you can withstand more attacks before you are “dead” in the sense of an immortal vampire. More health is key to winning group fights and those longer boss fight where your enemy will also have a longer than normal HP bar.

Loot everything

As with any game that allows you to collect junk, loot everything chest, bin and container you can. As there are no inventory limits in Vampyr you can keep looting all those boxes and bins each time you find them and be sure to check back where lockers and chests reside as they can become usable again for more loot.

Enemies will respawn in areas you have been to

Much like loot, enemies will also come back after a certain amount of time. This means it is important to stay on your guard as a once enemy voided area could be teeming with life or the undead again.

On the plus side, this does mean you’ll be able to farm for loot and experience by revisiting places you have already been too. Taking on side quests will usually mean backtracing your steps in familiar locations for additional EXP and items.

Get the Autophagy skill as soon as possible

Probably the most useful skill in the game allows Jonathon to bite himself to regain lost your health which will save your life in intense combat situations.

Rest only if you need to

Resting in Vampyr is different from other games, not only is the way you level up your skills it also passes the time from night to night.

In this time, choices you’ve made or not made will take effect and change the status of the districts from good or bad depending on what you have achieved between your last restful night’s sleep. Even people can up and disappear if you are not careful meaning you’ll lose access to quests or blood/EXP if you are not careful.

You don’t always have to engage every enemy

In Vampyr avoiding combat is also as good as fighting them. If you don’t need to charge right through your enemies or are not collecting EXP or loot then sneaking past them is just as valid.

Enemies can do quite a bit of damage and are dangerous in groups, this requires you to balance your resources well i.e stamina, health and blood. Make sure you always have enough stamina to dodge out the way, keeping some blood is also useful to use autophagy when in a pinch.

If you want to suck residents then learn more about them

Vampyr is a game centred around it’s NPC’s and they all have a lot of backstories to uncover which in turn makes them juicier when you decide to mesmerise them and take a bite.

Completing questions and speaking to them and others around will help you unlock hints that you can then use to find out more about them and increase the amount of blood EXP you’ll receive.