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    Power Leveling

    The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

    Like any MMORPG you are going to become very familiar with the grind, a term used for levelling in MMOs. However, more modern MMOs like ESO are a little bit less of a grind than the more traditional counterparts but it’s still not an overnight fix to level 50+.

    Power levelling is known to players to jump as quickly as possible through the levelling ranks to max level and ultimately the end game content. We’ve outlined some tips and tricks you can follow to help power level you through Elder Scrolls Online and how to get you to level 50 as fast as possible.

    The quickest way to level in ESO? Let’s be honest there are no “quick wins” in any MMO that are legal. They’ll all take some form of grinding but depending on how you play and what keeps you interested will help speed it along.

    You’ll probably spend about 50 – 70 hours playing the game before getting to Level 50 on your first time around.

    Level 1 – 10

    The quickest way through the early stages of the game is through questing. It’s a little slower than some of the alternatives later down the line but as you are starting out you’ll get a decent balance of the story in ESO and the different types of content available for your character.

    Basically, do every quest you can find. As you quest it will take you from place to place and each time you are in a new area talk to NPCs and gain more quests. Keep up with this cycle and you should always have a quest that you can do.

    Level 10 – 50

    Levelling past 10 has a few more options and you can continue your higher pace of gaining EXP if you know where to go and what to do. Using your experience scrolls will level you up quickly as you continue your questings and if you are an ESO Plus member there’s an additional bonus to experience gained.

    Exploration Levelling

    Wayshrines and Points of Interest

    One way of levelling through to 50 is the exploration approach which uses the XP gained from going through the entire zone as fast as possible finding Wayshrines, Dolmens, Towns and World Bosses. Before heading to a new zone, equip armour which gives your character the training trait.

    You can find this trait in armour you’ve picked up or you can use Emeralds when crafting a new piece of gear. Remember you can only add a trait at the point of creation – but you can craft basic gear from level 1 so it should not be too hard to gear a full set.

    World Bosses & Dolmens

    Another way to gain additional XP is through the world bosses that you can find scattered throughout each zone. Defeat all the world bosses and Dolmens that you find and you gain additional EXP as you explore.

    Grinding Spots

    If you are not one for questing and not too interested in running around finding locations and defeat big bosses then your next option is the good old fashion grind. Each zone has a couple of key locations which are well known to give decent XP while also having a good respawn rate.

    These places are usually ideal for parties to go out and group up but solo play is more than viable in ESO if you have the right meta and equipment.

    Here are the best places to grind in ESO for 2019.

    Greenshade (No DLC)

    This place is a decent spot to grind for XP because there are plenty of zombies and they like to respawn quickly. You can also group them up pretty quickly and as they are lower on health they can be AOE’d nicely.

    It does mean this place is usually quite packed with players but you can find good times in the morning or outside peak times like the evening after work.

    Find this location by heading East of the Verrant Morass Wayshrine.

    Alik’r Desert (No DLC)

    More Zombies are in this spot and another great spot to grind on zombies which are plentiful and quick to come back for more. It’s another popular spot but not usually as packed as the Greenshade location.

    Find this location by heading North East of the Sentinal Wayshrine

    Cold Harbour (No DLC)

    Another place that the zombies respawn quickly and die fast but the only way you can access this location if by grouping with someone who already has access to this area.

    Find it by heading South West of the Everfull Flagon Wayshrine.

    Orsinium Public Dungeons

    The two public dungeons here are¬† Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft which are easy grinding spots that you can head into from level 3. Just remember to change dungeons as you level when you are too high for the one you are in you’ll not get a good return for EXP.

    Additional Grinding Tips

    • Join a guide to help guide you through.
    • Ask someone to craft you some training gear for levels 10 to 30.
    • Some guilds will carry you for a fee (usually gold cost per level)
    • Imperial City has good XP.

    Additional EXP Tips

    • ESO Plus will get you an additional 10% EXP
    • 10% extra can be gained through marriage
    • 10% can also be gained by being in a party of two.
    • Using Crown Experience scrolls can be used for 50% EXP for a limited time (usually 2 hours)
    • Keep an eye on in-game events to get up to 100% additional EXP.
    • 50% from Psijic Ambrosia Drink
    • 100% from Aetherial Ambrosia Drink
    • 150% from Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia Drink