The Elder Scrolls Online


    The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

    There are currently 6 classes in Elder Scrolls Online as of 2019, four original classes were available when the game launched and two more classes have been added since launch.

    • Warden, the 5th class was added to the Morrowind expansion on June 6th, 2017.
    • Necromancer, the 6th class was added to the Elsweyr expansion on June 4th, 2019.

    The class system is very fluid in ESO as you will pick up your base class but be able to tweak it to allow a mage to become more of a Tank or on the flip side, a Tank could become more magical. This is thanks to the games skill tree which allows you to spec your character out how you want and has created some very impressive meta builds.

    Below is the guide are the six different classes in Elder Scrolls Online and a brought description of each.

    Dragon Knight

    The Dragon Knight is the fire wielder which is able to create some serious amounts of damage. They are design for front line battle and a melee class which can be spec’d into more of a tank if you want to. They are able to use any weapon but will favour the two-handed variety more if you are going down the damage route and a bow for pulling mobs (monsters/enemies).


    As the name suggests the Sorcerer is the Magicka class which focuses on long-range high DPS that has multiple skills trees to vary what sort of attacks they can do. They can focus on lightning-based attacks, summon pets to help them in battle or cast CC (crowd control) skills to help root enemies.


    Templar is a diverse class in ESO allowing you to tank, be someone who crowds controls enemies or have a Paladin build being able to heal yourself or others. Weapons can be anything you like, for a Tank the sowrd and shield would be handy but if you want more DPS you would look for dual swords or a healer might just use a staff.


    The nightblade class has the highest DPS for a single opponent of the game and plays much like a rogue or assassin would in another RPG. They are able to deals large amounts of damage and focus on their stealth abilities which makes them good for soloing and can health fairly easily thanks to their health, Magicka and stamina stealing skills. These also make for good vampires with the added bonuses that becoming a monster of the night brings. Nightblades can use a bow if needed but most will be frontline combat with daggers or a sword.


    The Warden is a magical long-range class which focuses on Frost spells and summoning creatures to help them in battle. They are the closest to the ranger of other RPG games and are able to become decent tanks thanks to their animal companions, healers or dish out decent DPS for attack based playstyles.


    The Necromancer is the newest class that has come to ESO and are the elemental damage wizards of the game being able to castĀ Frost, Fire and Lightning skills. Protecting themselves with their fallen enemies by raising the dead or creating shields made from bone and flesh is also possible (lovely…). Plus for more survivability are also able to cast buffs on themselves or their party making them a good support class, DPS class or evener healer. It is the only class that has to watch what skills they use in front of NPC or be held to account for raising the dead which is widely considered forbidden.