The Division 2

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World Tiers

The Division 2 Guide

What Exactly IS a World Tier?

World Tiers are basically your way of tracking your progress after reaching the end game content. After Level 30, enemies are ranked by World Tier, and not level any longer. Similar to power levels in Destiny.

At launch, there was four World Tiers, with a fifth one being introduced alongside a new Stronghold in the 1.05 patch.

How to Unlock the World Tiers

After reaching the max level of 30, and beating the 3 Strongholds across the map, you will officially enter the World Tiers. Starting at World Tier 1, you can now jot back over to the base of operations and chose your specializations, to fully optimize your end-game experience.

What Happens After Unlocking World Tiers?

World Tiers isn’t just a fancy title for you to wear around D.C, it’s also a new state of the game for you to play in with a new faction, and much stronger enemies.


Invaded missions will start to pop up all around your map after unlocking the first World Tier. These areas have been invaded by a brand new gang, The Black Tusk. These guys pack quite the punch and are only fit to be battled by those within World Tiers.

Other general activities will start to be invaded by the Black Tusk as well, like control points. Once invaded, you can loot the control points storeroom once more for much stronger gear, closely scaled to your tier.