The Division 2

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Tips and Tricks

The Division 2 Guide

General Tips

  • Marking Favorites: Favorite items can be marked with the left trigger, saving you from accidentally tossing them in with the junk when clearing out your inventory.
  • Open Your Caches: During the first 30 levels, you’ll unlock a Field Proficiency Cache, these are filled with loot scaled to your level. It’s easy to forget about them, but make sure to open them as they come. These things usually come packed with useful loot.
  • Spring Cleaning: When in your inventory, items can be marked with the right trigger to help select many at a time, making it quick and easy to deconstruct or sell any junk lying around.
  • Settlements: Make sure to complete any available Settlement missions, as they unlock more missions, and can be very useful for leveling and loot.
  • Quick Turn: A 180 sprint turn can be activated in the settings under control, making it quick and easy to flip around and fire at enemies.
  • Toggles: Under the controls section, you can map certain actions like Aiming or Sprinting to be toggled, or held down for usage.
  • Remember The Quartermaster!: It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but remember to fast travel back to the white house every now and again to see the Quartermaster to level up skills and perks.

Combat Tips

  • Cover, Cover, Cover!: Pretend you’re playing Gears of War and get used to staying in cover. D2 is very much a cover-based shooter, and your success is decided by your ability to navigate from cover to cover.
  • Cover Changing: Speaking of cover, you can activate a special animation by hovering over a nearby cover spot and pressing X or A to move to the next spot quickly.
  • Remember to Reload: A simple issue, but an unbearably common one.
  • Shoulder Flipping: Sometimes you need a different angle to get the right shot. Clicking the left analog stick will flip your camera to the other shoulder.
  • Armor Kits: When in a bind, remember that your right D-Pad button will use an armor kit for quick healing.
  • Keep Lobbin: Enemies are just as likely to stay glued to cover as you, make sure to use your grenades often to give them a reason to bail.