The Division 2

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


The Division 2 Guide

A polar opposite to the loud Demolitionist, the Sharpshooter is heavily focused on critical hits and headshots. The special weapon of choice is an insane TAC-50 sniper rifle, capable of penetrating through multiple enemies with a single bullet.

Sharpshooters are great for stealth runs, handling strong bosses, and providing support from afar.

If you’re interested in being a silent killer, check out the Sharpshooter tree below!

.50 Caliber Ammo AcquisitionEnemy headshot kills may drop signature weapon ammo for the TAC-50 C rifle, except when firing the rifle itself.
Group Signature Ammo SupplyKills with Signature Weapon grants a chance to gain Signature weapon ammo to all group or raid members.
Signature Weapon DamageIncreased signature weapon damage
Flashbang GrenadeThe flashbang grenade applies blind to all targets within a large area of effect.
One In The HeadIncreased headshot damage, allows for precision kills.
Deft HandsIncreased reload speed, allows for the use of smaller magazines, while maintaining efficiency.
Breath ControlIncreased weapon stability, reduced recoil and faster re-acquisition of targets.
X-Stat Armor Kit-SupplementaryArmor kits now repair 50% less when used, but remove status effects and increase resistance to bleed, poison, and burn for 20 seconds.
TacticianThe tactician scouts and marks hostile targets, feeding them to the agent and other allies’ HUD.
Graphene BatteryThis skill description in-game appears to be an error but it likely makes the Tactition last longer.
Carbon Fiber FrameThis skill description in-game appears to be an error but it likely makes the Tactition more durable.
Marksman UniformCosmetic
Sharpshooter Tactical LinkAll group members that are closer to enemies than you get +10% headshot damage.
My Home Is My CastleExtra armor gained while in cover.
Vital ProtectionReduce the chance you are critically hit in conflict by 20%.
Round After RoundAfter 20 seconds in cover, you start generating 5 marksman and 5 rifle ammo every 10 seconds.
Sharpshooters 93RA 3-round burst fire weapon for hectic close encounters. The ideal companion for when the situation call for rapid fire and high mobility
This Is My RifleIncreased rifle damage, enabling the sharpshooter a tool for mobile encounters.
Digital ScopeDigital aiming device for long top rails.