The Division 2

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  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


The Division 2 Guide

The explosive one. The Demolitionist is all about handling big groups and crazy crowd control. The special weapon of choice is a beefy grenade launcher, capable of blowing through any obstacles. As you level up, the special launcher will deal more damage and have a wider explosion.

On the downside, these guys don’t know what the word quiet means, so stealthy approaches and weapons aren’t going to fit well into this playstyle, and also offer very little in the healing department.

Check out the list below for the breakdown on the Demolitionist skills, and what they do!

Explosive OrdnanceIncreased explosives damage. Affects explosive grenades, skills, and effects.
IncombustibleIncrease burn resistance Explosive
Fragmentation GrenadeThe fragmentation grenade deals damage and causes targets to bleed.
X-Stat Armor Kit-SupplementaryArmor kits repair more damage and boosts weapon handling for 15 seconds.
40mm Grenade AcquisitionExplosive kills drop signature ammo for 40mm grenade launchers, except when caused by the 40mm grenade launchers.
Signature Weapon damageIncreased signature weapon damage.
Group Signature Ammo SupplyMulti-kills with explosives grants a chance to gain Signature weapon ammo to all group or raid members.
Spray and PrayIncreased submachine gun damage. Gives the Demolitionist a nimble close range alternative.
OnslaughtIncreased light machine gun damage. Enables the Demolitionist to lay down heavy amounts of fire.
Small Laser PointerUnderbarrel attachment for short and long rails.
Diceros SpecialA hard-hitting 357 Magnum revolver. The unusual low barrel design firing from the bottom of the cylinder makes for a balance rarely seen in this category of weapon.
GunslingerIncreased sidearm damage.
Demolitionist Tactical LinkGroup members gain damage to targets out of cover.
Vital ProtectionReduce the chance you are critically hit in conflict.
Crisis ResponseWhen armour is reduced to 0, refills all main weapon ammo.
Braced for ImpactIgnore explosions. Can only trigger once every 60 seconds.
Demolitionist UniformCosmetic
ArtilleryThe artillery turret launches ordinance at nearby targeted locations.
Cyclone MagazineMod to increase the turrets ammunition count.
SHD CPU V.2Mod to increase the turrets damage.