The Division 2

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How To Unlock Specializations

The Division 2 Guide

Specializations are the classes that you can choose between once reaching the endgame content of The Division 2. Each offers its own special abilities, skills, and a fancy special weapon.

How To Unlock Specializations

Once you’ve reached max level (level 30) and defeated the three Strongholds, you have officially reached endgame and can pick a specialization. Come back to the white house and speak with the Quartermaster within the entrance, the same fellow that you would normally speak to for upgrading skills.

How to Level up your Specialization

Now you will see three different specializations to choose from, but don’t sweat the decision as you can swap between them at a whim. However, sticking with one allows you to focus your skill points into that one specific specialization and make it much more powerful, so keep that in mind.

After choosing your specialization, you can now level them up using skill points. Skill points are earned for completing missions and other activities around the map.

Keep in mind, the skill points must be earned within the specialization of choosing, so use the specialization that you’re planning on levelling up.

Here are each of the guides to unlocking a specialisation.

Enjoy your newfound toys!