The Division 2

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Dark Zones Tips and Tricks

The Division 2 Guide

The Dark Zone is a bit of a different battle than your standard fare of the regular Division 2 content, as such our guide below will help you get through the Dark Zone alive.

Dark Zone Tips

  • Send Off: Taking loot from the Dark Zone isn’t quite the same as the base game, it needs to be hooked onto an evacuation chopper and sent away. You can find the evac points on your map where you can activate the spot with a flare gun, calling in a helicopter to pick up your loot.
  • Cut The Rope: Other players have the option of cutting down your rope after hooking your loot onto the chopper. Don’t stop guarding your stuff until you see it fly away.
  • Where Did it Go?: Wondering where you loot might’ve gone after sending it off? Not to worry, it has safely made it back to the White House and will be waiting there until you get a chance to come by.
  • Duck and Cover: You’re not the only one who sees your flare. Other players could potentially be hostile and come to kill you for your loot. It’s best to stay in cover until the chopper arrives.
  • Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself: Anyone in the Dark Zone, even your jerk friends have the option of killing you for your hard-earned loot. Players carrying contaminated loot are marked by big yellow bags on their back, so other players know if you’re packing something good. Try to play it safe and don’t interact with anybody unless unavoidable.
  • Pick a Buddy: Take some trust-worthy friends into the Dark Zone with you. Other people are almost guaranteed to be in a group, so if you’re coming in alone, you’re not gonna make it.
  • Bad Guy: Ever wanted some great loot without the hard work of finding it? Be the bad guy you hear so much about and hunt down other players to take their hard-earned stuff if you so please. Be careful though, people who have a track record of killing other players will get a bounty on their head.