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Dark Zone Leveling and Stats

The Division 2 Guide

To make sure that nobody can sweep an entire Dark Zone, your item scores will be “Normalized” when entering the Dark Zone.

Your level and gear stats will be automatically adjusted to better fit the level of the Dark Zone you have entered, so be sure to check the Normalized score as well as the regular score before heading into a DZ.

You probably won’t need to switch things around too much, but if you were using a particular piece of gear for it’s special ability, you may want to switch it out for something that just has higher stats instead.

The Normalized/Regular stats can be toggled back and forth, so be sure to keep your eye on both sets.


Your Dark Zone level is separate from your regular Division 2 level, but is leveled up in a similar fashion. Anything you do in the Dark Zone from looting, killing, going rogue, and sending off gear can net you EXP that will raise your Dark Zone level.

Similar to the Quartermaster, as you level up you’ll want to go back to your Dark Zone Officer to level up your Dark Zone perks. Unlike the regular PvE mode, these are geared specifically toward making your life in the DZ easier.

As you increase your level, you will be offered a few different perks geared towards different playstyles. Some will be aimed toward player-killers, team-players, or solo agents. Be sure to pick the perk best suited to your playstyle.

Be careful though. Being killed will make you lose EXP, and too much EXP loss can make you go down in tiers, and actually remove that perk from your character until you level back up again.


Below is a listing of all the current Dark Zone tiers, and their associated perks. Choose wisely, and happy hunting!

Tier 1

This tier is for level 1 upwards.

  • Bag Space – Gain 1 additional contaminated item inventory slot.

Tier 2

This tier is for level 5 upwards.

  • Terminator – 25% increased Dark Zone XP for eliminating other players.
  • Sight-Seeing – 25% increased Dark Zone XP for clearing landmarks.
  • Breakin’ the Law – 25% increased Dark Zone XP for surviving a rogue timer.

Tier 3

This tier is for level 10 upwards.

  • Daily Winner – Daily reward(s) from the Dark Zone safe house.

Tier 4

This tier is for level 15 upwards.

  • Sleight of Hand – 10% reduction in time to complete rogue actions.
  • Bounceback – Rogue cooldown reduced by 10%

Tier 5

This tier is for level 20 upwards.

  • 50% chance to automatically secure 1 dropped contaminated item on death.

Tier 6

This tier is for level 25 upwards.

  • Keymaster – 25% chance to acquire Dark Zone keys from loot crates in a Dark Zone.
  • Explosions! – 25% chance to acquire grenades from loot crates in a Dark Zone.
  • Medic – 25% chance to acquire armor kits from loot crates in a Dark Zone.

Tier 7

This tier is for level 30 upwards.

  • Vanish – Nameplate visibility to other agents is reduced while rogue.
  • X-Ray eyes – Rogue nameplate detection range increased.

Tier 8

This tier is for level 35 upwards.

  • More Loot – Additional rewards for completing Dark Zone alerts and clearing landmarks.

Tier 9

This tier is for level 40 upwards.

  • Double Daily Winner – Additional daily rewards from the Dark Zone Safe House.
  • No Honour – Daily rewards available in the Thieves’ Den.

Tier 10

This tier is for level 45 upwards.

  • Keep It Clean – 10% increased chance for a contaminated item to drop.

Tier 11

This tier is for level 50 upwards.

  • Get to the Chopper – 25% faster extraction arrival time.
  • Can’t Catch Me! – 25% faster manhunt bounty clearing.
  • On Your Feet, Soldier – 25% faster revive of other SHD agents while SHD.
  • Dark Deeds – 25% increased Thieves’ Den Triangulation added from rogue actions.