Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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Skill Point Guide

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Guide

The skill points that were included in the original version of Spyro: Year of the Dragon have been implemented into the remaster of the game. These points allow you to unlock a gallery of concept art and promotional images which can be viewed from the Guidebook.

Skill Point No.Location Within GameHow To Unlock
1 of 20Sunny VillaFlame all eight trees in pots located in the level.
2 of 20Sunny VillaScore over 3,200 points in the skateboarding mini game by performing several tricks.
3 of 20Molten CraterPlace all five tiki heads in a circle formation in the Sgt. Byrd area.
4 of 20Molten CraterAfter unlocking the Supercharge strip, charge into the cracked wall and smash the butterfly bottle to unlock this Skill Point.
5 of 20Seashell ShoreCharge into the chicken swimming around near the end of the level.
6 of 20Icy PeakWhen you reach the area of the Supercharge ramp, run around it and then glide over to the nearby pedestal.
7 of 20Enchanted TowersScore over 10,000 points in the skateboarding mini game by performing several tricks.
8 of 20Spooky SwampBreak all seven piranha signs located around the level.
9 of 20Sgt, Byrd’s BasePick up the bombs, and then use them on the Gophers which hide away in their burrows.
10 of 20Frozen AltarsDefeat the Yeti in the boxing match in two rounds.
11 of 20Lost FleetComplete the skateboarding challenge within 1 minute and 45 seconds.
12 of 20Fireworks FactoryShoot the red switch in the first area to drop a power up for Agent 9’s machine gun.
13 of 20Charmed RidgeClimb the ladder by the Superflame power up, and glide across several rocks and platforms to reach the highest area of the level. Glide across to the tower from here to earn this skill point.
14 of 20Charmed RidgeBreak all four windows in the area where you play as Sgt. Byrd.
15 of 20Bentley’s OutpostPush the metal crate off the edge of a cliff.
16 of 20Desert RuinsDestroy all seven pieces of seaweed in the area with the Manta Ray.
17 of 20Haunted TombSwim into the hole located behind the Golem at the start of the level.
18 of 20Dino MinesEliminate all four seahorse enemies in the fast moving water area.
19 of 20Dino MinesShoot the red dinosaur that appears with several green ones in the Agent 9 section of the level.
20 of 20Agent 9’s LabBomb all seven palm trees that are located in the level.