Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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  • Xbox One

Skill Point Guide

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Guide

One of the additions to the remaster of the original Spyro the Dragon are a list of skill points, which allow you to unlock a gallery of concept art and promotional images which can be viewed from the Guidebook.

Skill Point No.Location Within GameHow To Unlock
1 of 14Artisans HomeGlide from the hill at the centre of the world towards one of the harder to reach platforms.
2 of 14Stone HillWhen you have ascended the whirlwind to rescue Gildas, glide over to the higher area.

Run toward the nearest set of towers to find a sole pink tulip. Flame attack the flower to earn the skill point.

3 of 14Town SquareDefeat all the Bull enemies with charge attacks instead of using your Flame Breath.
4 of 14Peace Keepers HomeScare six of the Gnorc enemies into the nearby tents.
5 of 14Doctor ShempDefeat the boss without taking any damage from his attacks.
6 of 14High CavesAfter the swaying platforms, enter the next room and turn to the right.

Use your Flame Attack on the painting hanging on the wall.

7 of 14BlowhardJump onto one of the platforms being raised and lowered and stay there for ten seconds.
8 of 14Terrace VillageDefeat all the enemies that electrify the floor panels without being electrocuted.
9 of 14MetalheadDefeat the boss without taking any damage from his attacks.
10 of 14Dream Weavers HomeEnter the Secret Room by passing through a wall on top of a solid platform.

This platform can be found after passing through a corridor accessed by shrinking two of the guards.

11 of 14Haunted TowersBurn a blue wizard hat which can be found by gliding from the main castle to the shorter castle after riding a whirlwind.
12 of 14Lofty CastleAfter exiting one of the buildings, turn to the right to find a platform with a tree on the left.

Glide over to the next platform with a tree, and then glide to a hidden area on the other side of the arch to find a tree stump. Flame or charge it to earn the skill point.

13 of 14JacquesDefeat the boss without taking any damage from his attacks.
14 of 14Gnasty GnorcDefeat the boss without taking any damage from his attacks.