Sea of Thieves

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Starting/Beginners Tips and Tricks

Sea of Thieves Guide

With Sea of Thieves only just released, we thought we’d share our tips and tricks that can help you get started on the open seas and your first days as a pirate.

Know what items are what.

If you press LB you’ll be able to open the radial menu which shows your different equipment. Here are the basic items and their uses (some are a bit obvious):

  • Planks – used to repair your ship
  • Bananas – restore health
  • Bucket – remove water from the ship
  • Compass – use it for navigation on the high seas
  • Telescope – see long distances.
  • Cannonballs – to stock up your cannons to use for attacking.

You also have a second page with the menu which you can swap between using the X button.

Supplies are easier to find if you know where to look

As with the supplies mentioned above, if you need more then they are easier to locate than you might think.

Head under the deck of the ship and you’ll find some barrels, head over to them and you’ll be able to restock things like cannonballs, planks and bananas.

How to get Your First Voyage in Sea of Thieves

It does not really matter how you start your journey in Sea of Thieves, be it with friends or on your own you will start in the local tavern and can collect your first items from the barrels. If you want to go out onto the open seas, however, your first task is to find one of three merchant vendors. 
You’ll find the Order of Souls merchant faction in this building above and the Gold Hoarders in the building next to them. The final “faction” Merchant Alliance is near the pier heading towards the location of your ship. From them, you can pick up to three voyage quests from them at any one time and can start your first voyage in Sea of Thieves and won’t cost you a thing.