Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

  • Nintendo Switch

Secret Techniques and Where to Find Them

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Guide

Secret Techniques are the official replacement for HMs in this pokemon entry. Thankfully, no longer taking up any vital moveset space as they had in series’ past. Your partner Pokemon will learn them and be able to perform them outside of battle.

These Secret Techniques are used to access hidden areas, progress the game, and provide some nice quality of life improvements. This guide will cover what each ST does and where to find them.

Chop Down

Chop Down can be acquired in Vermillion City. After progressing through the entire S.S. Anne, the Captain will reward your hard work by teaching your partner how to use Chop Down.

Chop Down can be used to cut the smaller, weak looking trees that have been in your way from accessing hidden areas so far.

Light Up

After Vermillion City and you begin your journey in Diglett’s Cave, you’ll find a house occupied by an assistant to Professor Oak.

Speak with him and he will teach your partner Pokemon how to perform the move Light Up. This move can be used to brighten dark caves, making it possible to see.

Strong Push

After arriving in Fuchsia City, you’ll find a man in a house right of the Pokemon Center who seems to be missing his teach.

Go speak with Jessie and James on Route 19 to the South and retrieve them. Bringing them back to the man will reward you with the ST, Strong Push. This move can be used to push large boulders out of your way.

Sea Skim

This ST is also learned in Fuchsia City. Head to the left of Go Park and the man next to Lapras will teach you how to use Sea Skim.

This move allows you to progress across bodies of water atop a surfboard.

Sky Dash

Once reaching Celadon City, speak to the man standing outside the Game Corner, holding a strange device.

He will grant you his flying device, allowing you and your partner to fly to any previously visited Pokemon Center.