Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

  • Nintendo Switch

How to Use the Poke Ball Plus and Get Mew

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Guide

The Pokeball Plus is the fancy new controller that can be acquired in the premium editions of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee / Pikachu, or bought separately. As Let’s Go can be played with one joy-con, the Pokeball is a fine replacement and can be used for the entirety of the game.

Using the Pokeball Plus

When you first crack open Pokemon Let’s Go, you are given the options for which controller setup you would like to use. Alternatively, this can be accessed in the Controller Settings menu at any time in the game. Hit any button on the Pokeball Plus controller to select it as your preferred method, and you’re in business.

Pressing X with the Pokeball

You may have noticed the Pokeball Plus has fewer buttons than a standard joycon.

Luckily, with the built-in gyro feature, shaking the Pokeball also works as pressing X. Though, it may be a little bit easier to use a joycon when trying to manage your boxes, for ease.

How To Get Mew

Mew is one of the special benefits of having a Pokeball Plus controller and is currently the only way to acquire her.

On Pokemon Let’s Go, head to the Communicate option in the menu, and then Mystery Gifts.

Select the “Get with Poke Ball Plus” option, and you’ll receive your very own Mew!

How To Take Your Pokemon for a Walk

  1. Go to the Save Menu in Let’s Go on your Nintendo Switch
  2. Select the Take Your Pokemon for a Stroll option
  3. Choose the Pokemon you’d like to bring with you, either your Partner Pokemon or one from your Box.
  4. Walk around with your Poke Ball Plus in the real world, gaining XP for your Pokemon in the ball!