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Wrath Will Seeds Guide – Futaba’s Palace

Persona 5 Royal Guide

This is our unofficial guide for how to obtain the Wrath Will Seeds from Futaba’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal

Collecting all three Will Seeds within each Palace will allow you to obtain exclusive accessories to boost your characters vital stats.

Once you have obtained the Crystal of Wrath that is formed from the Will Seeds, you can equip it to a party member to boost their evasion.

Later on, take it to Jose in Mementos to receive the Ring of Wrath, which will allow the party member the same ability as the Crystal of Wrath, as well as giving them the Amrita Shower skill which removes all harmful status effects.

Red Wrath Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: Before the room where you solve the first mural puzzle, turn left and climb a sarcophagus to reach the doorway to the room that holds the Red Wrath Seed.

Green Wrath Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: After you have solved the puzzle with the Blue and Red Spheres, go into the door to the left at the top of the room. Follow the corridor around to find the doorway which leads to the  Green Wrath Seed.

Blue Wrath Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: Before the final puzzle, you will enter a room where you can climb two large statues. Climb the right statue until you reach the platform at the top to find the door to the Blue Wrath Seed.

Like with the Blue Seeds before this one, this door is guarded by a powerful mini- boss.

The Decadent False God has a bark that is equally as strong as its bite, but can be easily taken down if Fire skills such as Agi and Agilao are used against it.

After the mini boss is defeated, simply open the door to claim the Blue Wrath Seed.