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Vanity Will Seeds Guide – Madarame’s Palace

Persona 5 Royal Guide

This is our unofficial guide for how to obtain the Vanity Will Seeds from Madarame’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal

Collecting all three Will Seeds within each Palace will allow you to obtain exclusive accessories to boost your characters vital stats.

Once you have obtained the Crystal of Vanity that is formed from the Will Seeds, you can equip it to a party member to protect them from attacks that exploit their weakness.

Later on, take it to Jose in Mementos to receive the Ring of Vanity, which will allow the party member the same ability as the Crystal of Vanity, as well as absorb the damage that would be taken by an attack that isn’t of the Almighty element.

Red Vanity Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: A few rooms after the area with the plank in the middle of the floor, you will come to an area with a staircase on the right hand side. Go up this staircase and follow the corridor around until you see the room that you just left.

Use the Grapple Hook to reach the top of the lights, and run to the other side to find an area with the doorway to the Red Vanity Seed.

Green Vanity Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: After the painting puzzle, you will come to an area with several cages that form a maze. Keep travelling through until you find a Grapple Prompt in the roofspace.

Zip up to this area to find a switch that will open the room with the Green Vanity Seed door inside. Simply drop down into the area with the Grapple Prompt and you will find this new doorway.

Blue Vanity Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: When you reach the Main Hall, take the corridor on the right until you come to an air duct passageway. When you exit the passage, use the Grapple Prompt to ascend to the ceiling girders.

Hop across the suspended platforms to reach another air duct on the right hand side. After exiting this duct, drop through a hole in the floor and continue through the corridor to find the door to the Blue Vanity Seed.

Like with the Blue Lust Seed, this door is guarded by a powerful mini- boss.

The Awakened God deals very strong attacks to your Party members, but can be easily taken down if Wind and Nuclear skills such as Garu and Frei are used against it.

After the mini boss is defeated, simply open the door to claim the Blue Vanity Seed.