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Lust Will Seeds Guide – Kamoshida’s Palace

Persona 5 Royal Guide

This is our unofficial guide for how to obtain the Lust Will Seeds from Kamoshida’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal

Collecting all three Will Seeds within each Palace will allow you to obtain exclusive accessories to boost your characters vital stats.

Once you have obtained the Crystal Of Lust that is formed from the Will Seeds, you can equip it to a party member to make them learn the Diarama healing skill.

Later on, take it to Jose in Mementos to receive the Ring of Lust, which will allow the party member that equips it to use Diarama, as well as the Tarujaka skill which temporarily increases the attack strength of a selected ally.

Red Lust Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: This Will Seed cannot be missed. It is obtained as part of the storyline in Kamoshida’s Palace.

Green Lust Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: This Will Seed is hidden in an area that is easily missed after you use the Grapple Hook to skip over an area with four Red Shadow guards.

When you climb in through the window, enter the crawlspace duct on the left. After reaching the other side, jump down to a platform with a Treasure Chest, which contains 3 x Curse Magatama.

After this, move around the platform and look upwards to spot a Grapple Hook prompt. Trigger this using L1, and repeat the process to reach a platform with a window above it.

Climb through the window to find the entrance to the chamber that contains the Green Lust Seed. Simply cut through the vines and open the door to claim your prize.

Blue Lust Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: This Will Seed is hidden in an area that cannot be accessed by following the regular path through the Palace.

To find it, return to the Entrance Hall area using the Kamoshida Portrait shortcut, and activate a Kamoshida head switch in a square area on the left hand side of the room.

Head back through the Kamoshida Portrait and use the switch on the left hand lift to travel to a secret room. Inside this room, you will need to defeat a mini boss.

The Torn King of Desire does not have a weakness, but it is best to use physical and gun based attacks as it will not receive much damage from elemental attacks.

Once you have defeated the mini boss, you can chop down the vines and enter the chamber with the Blue Lust Will Seed inside.