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Gluttony Will Seeds Guide – Kaneshiro’s Palace

Persona 5 Royal Guide

This is our unofficial guide for how to obtain the Gluttony Will Seeds from Kaneshiro’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal

Collecting all three Will Seeds within each Palace will allow you to obtain exclusive accessories to boost your characters vital stats.

Once you have obtained the Crystal of Gluttony that is formed from the Will Seeds, you can equip it to a party member to boost their base defense stats.

Later on, take it to Jose in Mementos to receive the Ring of Gluttony, which will allow the party member the same ability as the Crystal of Gluttony, as well as the Marukukaja skill which allows you to increase the defense of the active party for three turns in battle.

Red Gluttony Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: In the area where you require the keys to open the safe door, go to the bottom of the corridor on the right hand side.

Use the Grapple Prompt to ascend to the top corridor, and then turn around to see the doorway to the Red Gluttony Seed at the end of the corridor.

Green Gluttony Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: After you have unlocked the safe door, sneak through the corridor on the left hand side and go into the air duct.

Drop down to the lowest possible area, and then climb to a platform which allows you to activate a Grapple Prompt in the centre of the room.

After you have used the Grapple Hook, you will reach the doorway to the Green Gluttony Seed.

Blue Gluttony Seed

Persona 5 Royal

How To Obtain: When you reach the room where you rotate the locks to open the pathway to the Treasure, press the right button twice when you reach the area marked with a giant number 5.

After this, follow the passageway you have opened to find the door to the Blue Gluttony Seed.

Like with the Blue Seeds before this one, this door is guarded by a powerful mini- boss.

The Guard Dog of Hades has a bark that is equally as strong as its bite, but can be easily taken down if Ice skills such as Bufu and Bufula are used against it.

After the mini boss is defeated, simply open the door to claim the Blue Gluttony Seed.