Mega Man 11 Boss Order and Weaknesses

    Mega Man 11 Boss Order and Weaknesses

    Mega Man 11 Guide

    As always, Mega Man 11 is a balance of strengths and weaknesses against the other Robot Masters. In this guide, we’ll be helping you find the most optimal order for challenging each boss, as well as what their weaknesses are.

    Each boss is weak to another Boss’ power, but you’ll have to find somewhere to start to grab your first powerup. Block Man is weak to Chain Blast, but is the easiest Boss to beat using the standard Mega Buster, and is more than likely your best place to start.

    Boss Order

    1. Block Man

    2. Acid Man

    3. Impact Man

    4. Bounce Man

    5. Fuse Man

    6. Tundra Man

    7. Torch Man

    8. Blast Man


    Boss Weaknesses

    Block Man Weakness: Chain Blast


    Acid Man Weakness: Block Dropper


    Impact Man Weakness: Acid Barrier


    Bounce Man Weakness: Pile Driver


    Fuse Man Weakness: Bounce Ball


    Tundra Man Weakness: Scramble Thunder


    Torch Man Weakness: Tundra Storm


    Blast Man Weakness: Blazing Torch


    Yellow Devil Weakness: Chain Blast


    Mawverne Weakness: Bounce Ball


    Dr. Wily (1st Form) Weakness: Acid Barrier & Chain Blast


    Dr. Wily (2nd Form) Weakness: Acid Barrier & Scramble Thunder


    And that makes the entire lineup! The entire dynamic of Mega Man games is based on using previous boss’ powerups to defeat the next strongest enemy, as long as you stick to this guide, you’ll be watching those credits roll in no time.