Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix

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99 Dalmatians Location Guide

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Guide

One of the many collectables present in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix are the missing 99 Dalmatians. Rescuing these missing dogs can earn you new bonus items, an essential Torn Page to help you complete The 100 Acre Wood world and an upgrade to one of your most useful spells.

In order to rescue the Dalmatians, you must open the chest or box that they are contained inside. Note that you cannot do this while you are being attacked by enemy Heartless.

Traverse Town

NumberAreaLocation Of Puppies
1 – 3Merlin’s HouseOn a small island which can only be reached by using the Glide ability obtained in Neverland.
4 -6First DistrictDown the alleyway where Pluto finds you. Requires Red Trinity to reach.
7- 9Item WorkshopIn a chest in the workshop.
10 – 12Secret WaterwayAt the bottom of the stairs leading to Merlin’s House. Requires Red Trinity to reach.


NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
13 – 15Queen’s CastleOn top of one of the hedges before you reach the court.
16 – 18Lotus ForestOn top of ones of the trees.
19 – 21Tea Party GardenReach this area by taking the highest exit from the Lotus Forest on the Queen’s Castle side.
58 – 60Lotus ForestGo through the painting in the Bizarre Room and use a Thunder spell on the flower chain.

Olympus Coliseum

NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
22 – 24Coliseum GatesOn the right hand side of the entrance to the Entrance Lobby.

Deep Jungle

NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
25 – 27Hippo LagoonBefore the vine at the end of the area.
28 – 30Vines 2In a chest that can be found by swinging across vines in a straight line.
31 – 33Waterfall CavernOn a raised platform. Requires Blue Trinity to access.
34 – 36CampBy the entrance to Hippo Lagoon. Requires Blue Trinity to access.


NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
37 – 39Aladdin’s HouseBy the save point.
46 – 48Hidden RoomBehind the door that is opened by Aladdin and Abu.
49 – 51Cave EntranceGlide to the platform in the corner of the room.
52 – 54Treasure RoomHigh Jump to the ledge above the south exit.

Halloween Town

NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
40 – 42BridgeOn a raised platform to the left of the area that requires Glide to reach.
64 – 66CemeteryThrough the secret room accessible through the Christmas door.
67 – 69Moonlight HillWhite Trinity by the curl that leads to Oogie’s Manor.
70 – 72Guillotine SquareJump up to the higher platforms, and then glide to the inside of the black pumpkin.


NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
55 – 57Chamber 3On a higher platform accessible using a barrel.
73 – 75MouthWhen you have changed the water level, the chest with these puppies in can be accessed.
76 – 78Chamber 6On a raised platform.
79 – 81Chamber 5On a higher platform.


NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
43 – 45DeckWhite Trinity by the steering wheel.
82 – 84HoldOn a high platform.
85 – 87HoldInside the secret room that requires Yellow Trinity to access.
88 – 90CabinOn one of the benches after defeating Sora’s shadow form.

Hollow Bastion

NumberAreaLocation of Puppies
61 – 63Grand HallOn a chest by the final keyhole.
91 – 93Rising FallsOn one of the floating platforms.
94 – 96Castle GatesUse the Gravity spell to lower the floating chest.
97 – 99LibraryAfter clearing the puzzle in the Library, go through the secret exit and the Lift Stop to reach an area with the chest suspended in mid air. Use the Gravity spell to reach it.

Rescue Rewards

Number Of PuppiesReward
42Mythril Shard
51Torn Page, Mythril
90Tech Up
99Complete Gummi Collection, Aero Spell Upgrade