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Toy Box Lucky Emblem Locations Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

One of the new features present in Kingdom Hearts III are the Lucky Emblems, a series of Mickey Mouse shaped symbols which function like the Trinity Marks in the original game. Each world has a number of Lucky Emblems, which need to be photographed to be included in the Reports section.

This section of our Kingdom Hearts III guide lists the locations of all the Lucky Emblems in Toy Box, the third world you visit in the game.

Lucky Emblem

Lucky Emblem 1

Location: Andy’s Room

How To Find: On the side of a box near the bucket of Army Men.


Lucky Emblem 2

Location: Andy’s House

How To Find: On the edge of Andy’s garage roof. Use the nearby trampoline to be sent directly to it.


Lucky Emblem 3

Location: Andy’s House

How To Find: Marked out in grass on the garden path in front of Andy’s House.


Lucky Emblem 4

Location: Andy’s House

How To Find: Cross the road to the car with the registration plate A113. You will find the emblem next to it on the door to the boot.


Lucky Emblem 5

Location: Galaxy Toys – Gift Wrap Area

How To Find: On the wall underneath the various gift boxes.


Lucky Emblem 6

Location: Galaxy Toys – First Floor

How To Find: Underneath a Gigas robot, which is placed on a circular platform at the back of the store.


Lucky Emblem 7

Location: Ventilation System

How To Find: Ride a vertical gust of wind and push yourself into the first opening. Turn around to see the emblem on the side of the shaft.


Lucky Emblem 8

Location: Galaxy Toys – Second Floor

How To Find: On the hatch of the UFO which is hanging below the rail next to the entrance to the Babies and Toddlers: Dolls area.


Lucky Emblem 9

Location: Galaxy Toys – Second Floor

How To Find: In the Babies and Toddlers: Dolls section, head to the back left corner and take a photo of the light which is reflected off three disco balls.


Lucky Emblem 10

Location: Galaxy Toys – Third Floor

How To Find: Near by the save point, on the side of the stand which has a robot on top of it.


Lucky Emblem 11

Location: Galaxy Toys – Entrance

How To Find: Go out of the store, and look to the right to see three stickers in the shape of a Lucky Emblem.