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San Fransokyo Lucky Emblem Locations Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

One of the new features present in Kingdom Hearts III are the Lucky Emblems, a series of Mickey Mouse shaped symbols which function like the Trinity Marks in the original game. Each world has a number of Lucky Emblems, which need to be photographed to be included in the Reports section.

This section of our Kingdom Hearts III guide lists the locations of all the Lucky Emblems in San Fransokyo, the eighth world you visit in the game.

Lucky Emblem

EmblemLocation In GameHow To Find
Lucky Emblem 1Hiro’s GarageThis Lucky Emblem can be found on the wall made of yellow wire.
Lucky Emblem 2South District – DayClimb the chef statue and look down to see this Lucky Emblem made of red bushes.
Lucky Emblem 3South District – NightAscend the building near the save point and look toward the building with a M on it. The Lucky Emblem can be found near the sign for the eatery.
Lucky Emblem 4South District – NightFollow the steps of Lucky Emblem 3, and look for a white fan with this Lucky Emblem printed on it’s side.
Lucky Emblem 5Central DistrictTravel around the roadway and look down from the edge to see this Lucky Emblem on the side of a silver dome.
Lucky Emblem 6Central DistrictClimb the building with the airborne fans surrounding it to find this Lucky Emblem on top of it.
Lucky Emblem 7Central DistrictFollow the steps for Lucky Emblem 6, and use your Shotlock ability to reach one of the fans with a pattern on it’s side. The Lucky Emblem is printed on it.
Lucky Emblem 8North District – DayGo across the car park to find a grove of multi coloured trees. The Lucky Emblem can be found on the steps near this location.
Lucky Emblem 9North District – DayRide the monorail to find a tunnel where the Lucky Emblem is printed on the side of a wall.
Lucky Emblem 10North District – DayFollow the steps for Lucky Emblem 8, and then jump down to the ground below. This Lucky Emblem can be found on the side of a yellow car.
Lucky Emblem 11North District – DayAscend the tallest building in the city, the one which has a point at it’s peak. The final Lucky Emblem in this area is at the top of a black column on this building.