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Olympus Lucky Emblem Locations Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

One of the new features present in Kingdom Hearts III are the Lucky Emblems, a series of Mickey Mouse shaped symbols which function like the Trinity Marks in the original game. Each world has a number of Lucky Emblems, which need to be photographed to be included in the Reports section.

This section of our Kingdom Hearts III guide lists the locations of all the Lucky Emblems in Olympus, the first world you visit in the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3

EmblemLocation In GameHow To Find
Lucky Emblem 1Thebes – OverlookAn engraving in the will by three pillars.
Lucky Emblem 2Thebes – The Big OliveOn a column in an area that was covered by lava at the beginning of the game.
Lucky Emblem 3Thebes – AgoraOn the right set of steps by the Hercules statue.
Lucky Emblem 4Thebes – OverlookBetween two sets of plants on a wall.
Lucky Emblem 5Mount OlympusOn a column by one of the waterfalls.
Lucky Emblem 6Mount OlympusOn the wall behind a waterfall that has a thin stream of water trickling down.
Lucky Emblem 7Mount OlympusOn a platform behind the statue of Zeus.
Lucky Emblem 8Mount OlympusIn the area where you fought the Rock Titan, defeat a set of enemies to spawn a branch that forms the shape of a Lucky Emblem.
Lucky Emblem 9Realm of the Gods – CorridorOn the side of a flight of stairs by the grind-able water rail.
Lucky Emblem 10Realm of the Gods – CorridorOn the wall at the end of the grind-able water rail.
Lucky Emblem 11Realm of the Gods – Secluded ForgeOn the side of the anvil.
Lucky Emblem 12Realm of the Gods – Cloud RidgeAfter riding a rail and going under an archway, look out towards the clouds to find the final Lucky Emblem in Olympus.