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Arendelle Lucky Emblem Locations Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

One of the new features present in Kingdom Hearts III are the Lucky Emblems, a series of Mickey Mouse shaped symbols which function like the Trinity Marks in the original game. Each world has a number of Lucky Emblems, which need to be photographed to be included in the Reports section.

This section of our Kingdom Hearts III guide lists the locations of all the Lucky Emblems in Arendelle, the fifth world you visit in the game.

Lucky Emblem

EmblemLocation In GameHow To Find
Lucky Emblem 1North Mountain – GorgeTravel down the mountain from the save point and take a left to find a tree with the Lucky Emblem on it’s side.
Lucky Emblem 2Labyrinth of Ice – Upper TierEnter the frozen labyrinth and take the lift behind the entrance portal. Continue through the corridor, taking a left into a room with a bridge. The Lucky Emblem is on the wall at the end of the room.
Lucky Emblem 3Labyrinth of Ice – Lower TierClimb the ramp near the save point to find the Lucky Emblem at the end of a closed room.
Lucky Emblem 4Labyrinth of Ice – Lower TierGo up to the Middle Tier using the Shotlock platforms and go to the middle of the bridge. The Lucky Emblem will be carved in the ice on your left.
Lucky Emblem 5Labyrinth of Ice – Upper TierGo At the end of a grind rail to a room filled with small columns. The Lucky Emblem can be found by looking down from the highest platform to one of the smallest columns.
Lucky Emblem 6North Mountain – Ice PalaceTravel down the mountain and turn around when you pass the first raised wall. The Lucky Emblem is on this wall.
Lucky Emblem 7North Mountain – Ice PalaceGo through the crack near by the save point to get to a new area with a wall you can run up. A short way up this wall, you will see a platform with a wall that has a Lucky Emblem on the side made of fallen snow.
Lucky Emblem 8North Mountain – Ice PalaceGo through the crack in the rocks to find this Lucky Emblem in one of the snowdrifts.
Lucky Emblem 9North Mountain – SnowfieldFollow the area round until you reach a climbable wall. At the top, look across to the next cliff to see the Lucky Emblem marked in the snow.
Lucky Emblem 10North Mountain – FoothillsHead up the mountain to find a log pile in the middle of a field. At the end of the logs you find a Lucky Emblem imprinted on them.
Lucky Emblem 11North Mountain – FoothillsGo down to the next area, and down a slope with several raised rocks. The Lucky Emblem is on the rock closest to a wall with a tree beside it.