Kingdom Hearts 3

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Desire and Power Beginning Choices Guide: Wisdom, Vitality, Balance and Guardian, Warrior, Mystic

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

When you start the Proluge of Kingdom Hearts 3, you will need to choose a Desire and Power that will affect Sora’s stats and abilities for the rest of the game. In this guide, we explain what each of the different Desires; Wisdom, Vanity or Balance do as well as the different Powers such as Guardian, Warrior or Mystic will give you.

The choices you make at the start of the gaming, are permanent. So if you are wondering, what choice should I make for Kingdom Hearts 3 or what choice is the right one for you. Then read further on.

What Desire to Choose: Wisdom, Vitality or Balance

The first question that Sora will be asked is “What do you desire?”

You’ll be given three different answers to choose from and here’s how they’ll affect the outcome:

  • Wisdom – 90HP & 120MP
  • Vitality – 120HP & 100MP
  • Balance – 105HP & 110MP

Looking at the three, you can clearly see how they are laid out with the different choices relating to a desire.

Choose Wisdom, if you favour MP and want to be able to cast more magic but at the sacrifice of being a little less durable during fights.

Choose Vitality, if you are looking for Sora to be tougher in battle and have more Health Points but at the loss of some MP, concentrating less on magical attacks but more on physical ones.

Choose Balanced, as the name suggests if you want to be a “Jack of all Trades” giving Sora a more equal amount of both HP and MP but with a very slight difference with more MP.

Which Power to Choose: Guardian, Warrior or Mystic

After you’ve chosen your Desire for Sora, you will then be asked to select from three options again. This time around you will be asked to select a Power, wither Guardian, Warrior or Mystic, from the names alone you can probably guess what sort of stance Sora will take from choosing each one but they are also represented by a Shield, Sword and Staff.

Here’s how it will affect Sora based on your choice of Power.

  • Guardian – Learn defensive abilities first, making Sora tougher in battle.
  • Warrior – Learns more melee based attack abilities first making Sora do more damage in battle.
  • Staff – Learns more magical abilities first, making magic stronger.

Your choices for the three options in Power are a little different to Desire as there are not set outcomes like HP or MP.

Choose Guardian if you normally favour the Tank role in RPG or MMOs, as you’ll learn defensive techniques first and also stuff around crowd control (controlling the flow of battle through the monsters). For those that like attack based classes that focus on strong single DPS, choose Warrior. Sora will learn attack based skills first and be able to deal more damage to targets. Finally, if you prefer as the name suggests playing magic or mage based class in other games, choose Mysitc as this will focus Sora to learn magic skills that can boost damage or other results when casting magic based attacks and skills.

These skill choices will first be learned at Level 2, so your choice does have a direct impact on how you’ll play the game from the beginning. It’s worth that that through our playthrough so far in testing different choices Sora has missed out on learning magic based skills when going to Warrior route and defensive skills when going Mystic and visa-vera. It’s not currently known if Sora will be able to learn all attacks by the end of the game similar to how you could in Final Mix.

Guardian, Warrior and Mystic Ability Level Chart

Depending on your choice of Power, you’ll learn different skills first. Here are the first five abilities Sora learns depending on if you choose Gaurdian, Warrior or Mystic.

2Damage ControlCombo PlusMagic Combo Thrift
3Treasure MagnetTreasure MagnetTreasure Magnet
4Combo MasterAir Combo PlusMP Haste