Kingdom Hearts 3

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Combat Tips and Strategy

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

Unlike other RPG games and the previous games, Kingdom Hearts III combat has had some changes for more modern fluidness to combat. This guide will help beginners or veteransĀ improve their chances in combat with actionable tips and tricks useful when in battle.

Combat Tips

  • Remember to learn the enemies movements, understandingĀ patterns and each of the enemies behaviours will help you dodge, plan and unleash your attacks at the right time.
  • Aim for the enemies critical points, most enemies have weaknesses which can be exploited and finding the right point means dealing additional damage which can quickly turn the tide of any battle.
  • Knocked down an enemy? Go on the attack, when at the point that your enemy is on the floor you can normally perform more risky moves that leave you more open as there is less chance for a counter-attack.
  • Remember to guard or dodge. A simple one but this will allow you to avoid damage from enemies and you can also use this chance to attack back in that window.
  • Long range magic spells are great for long range. Use them in a battle to slowly whittle down the enemy from a distance, keep them occupied and give yourself seconds of breathing room. Remember though cooldown times to plan your attacks carefully.
  • Links or Summons can provide a massive boost to your damage output and can finish off an enemy or help create a massive advantage.
  • Same as summons but using Attraction at the right moments can also help with your battle success on certain maps.
  • Shotlocks are useful to target multiple enemies at once with powerful projectiles, heal your party and more. Using them at the right time can heal your party back to peak condition or wipe out smaller enemies to allow more damage focus on tougher mobs.