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How Old is Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3

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Sora has been the star of the game for previous games in the franchise and is also the main protagonist of Kingdom Heart 3 which is released this year on 29th January 2019. After nearly 20 years since the first game was released, it’s a valid question gamers are asking, How old will Sora be in Kingdom Hearts 3?

So how old is Sora in KH3?

To see how old he might be in the latest game we need to look back at the previous stories.

If in Birth By Sleep, Sora is 4 years old and then when we get to the first game he is 14 years old, he continues to be 14 years old to 358/2 Days until we get to Kingdom Hearts 2.

From Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora is now 15 years old and again stays the same while the events of Dream Drop Distance happen on 3DS.

In Chronological order, KH3 is meant to be happening soon after Dream Drop Distance as Sora attempts to gain more power to defeat Xehanort.

Based on this and previous jumps, Sora will most likely be around 16-17 years old. It’s very unlikely he is going to grow up too much as it would not feel quite right to have an 18-year-old Sora or older in the next chapter as the time jump would be too far.