Kingdom Hearts 3

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

Sora is the main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, and is again the main hero of Kingdom Hearts 3. He’s also one member of the 7 Guardians of Light.

General Information

  • Sora is likely to be 16-17 years old in KH3
  • Sora’s main weapon is the Keyblade, something that comes in many different forms based on the worlds he visits.
  • His personality is that of a normal RPG hero, courageous, cheerful but also childish which is likely down to the overall happy, younger theme of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Sora’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a little different than his previous appearances, as his new look is more devised from Dream Drop Distance with a nudge closer towards Roxas’ costume.