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Greedfall Starting Tips for Beginners

GreedFall Guide

Greedfall has a lot of systems, quests, and items to uncover and for anyone new starting in the game, this can be overwhelming.

We’ve put together a list os beginner tips to help get you started and guide you through some of the less explained elements of the game.

Combat is optional, like other RPGs

Like most RPG’s quests can be completed in several different ways and fighting everything in your path is not always the best way to approach it.

Even at the start of the game when in Serene, the game will try and get you to focus on different paths and solutions for quests such as sneaking past guards instead of facing them head-on or finding alternative passages instead of going through the front door.

Merchant Camps are really useful

Camps are used to moving between one area to another and here you can purchase items from a merchant, craft items (which we will explain later) and manage your companions.

It’s the place you can speak with your allies to undertake their special requests to build your relationship with them too which is important.

Sneaking is useful but buggy

In the game you can sneak past enemies you can also use it to land Sneak Attacks which can land some critical hits on enemies helping you in combat.

Taking out large groups by focusing on one enemy at a time can be needed by sneaking around until you are comfortable taking more on.

Do be careful though, sneaking in Greedfall at the moment is a little buggy – although there is an “enemy detection” system we have had issues of being spotted behind crates when the enemy was not even facing in the right direction.

Starting classes are a guide only

Greedfall welcomes all types of playstyles but can seem to limit at the start of the game because of the way it asks you to “choose a class”.

There’s much more flexibility than just being a warrior, ranger or magical character. As you level up, you’ll be given attribute, talent and skill points which can be used however you want regardless of what you selected at the start of the game.

If you make some choices further down the line and want to change your character, you can also use Memory Crystals to remove everything from your character and pend the point again. Which means you can change “classes” completely.

So experiment, try combining different skills in the various tress and see what works for you.

Travel wisely and explore

Greedfall has three main ways of travelling:

  • Campsites – acts like the fast travel system being able to move between campsites in the game.
  • Caravans – usually outside all bigs cities and are the in-game transportation system which connects each city.
  • On-foot – this is going around reaching the end of one zone to another which opens up the travel interface. This is the slowest way of getting around you does give the most opportunity for finding new things to discover.

Additional Starting Tips

  • Save your game often as monsters in the world can pack some serious damage.
  • Gather all the loot you find from checks and barrels
  • Unlock the ability to lockpick as quickly as you can.
  • Using firearms in combat to stagger opponents is useful
    • Looting is a great way of collecting much need ammo for the firearms.
  • Unlock the healing spell as soon as you can, this will help reduce the need for using health potions.
  • Keep an eye out for question marks on the map as they are points of interests to go explore
  • Chamisa can really help in your interactions with NPCs and open up special dialogue options.
  • Remember that your companions can also be equipped with armour and weapons to make them more effective in combat.
  • Always unlock campsites are quickly as you can, these will help to get around much easier.
  • In combat, Active Pause is useful for breathing room if a fight gets too hard.