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Can my companions die in GreedFall?

GreedFall Guide

Companions are an important part of Greedfall as they help you in combat and can be romanced. Knowing how to look after your companion and if they can actually die is quite important to learn before heading out and tackling the enemies of the world.

Viewing your companion’s condition

In order for your allies to actually like you, they want to be looked after. During the battle, you can check the status of your companions by using theĀ Active PauseĀ function that will show your condition and theirs.

If you’ve played any sort of MMO or RPG you’ll be familiar with the party style status window on the left side of the screen.

When in battle this information will always be displayed and your enemies stats will also be available to some degree.

How to take care of your companions

Looking after your friends in Greedfall is a simple case of keeping an eye on their status. You can see what they can do, how much HP they have and what they hold in their inventory.

They will heal naturally outside of combat, so you just need to keep an eye on their overall health to make sure they don’t fall in battle and you become a man down.

Can companions die permanently?

Your companions may die permanently but only based on the story route you take.

In normal battles outside of the narrative, they can’t die permanently but you do have the choice to kill them yourself if they betray you or you are not able to forgive them.