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Can a companion betray you in GreedFall?

GreedFall Guide

Greedfall allows you to team up with five different characters in the game. They all have different abilities which can help you during combat and throughout story quests.

Who can I have as a companion


  • Kurt – joins you at the start of the game and is a captain.
  • Vasco – Will join after finishing The Prologue in Serene and quest of The Great Departure.
  • Siora – You’ll meet her when you visit Constantin’s palace in New Serene.
  • Petrusa – He’ll join you after you finish Old Countries
  • Aphra – She’ll be apart of your team after finishing the Scholars quest.

Can a companion betray you?

The simple answer is, yes.

A companion needs to have their relationship developed as you progressed through the game. You do this by taking on missions they specifically give to you and if you don’t complete these then they are able to betray you.

On the same token though, you can use the opportunity to force them out and can kill them, which sends a message to your other allies not to try the same.