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GreedFall Guide

Greed does have a choice at the start of the game which asks you to “select a class”.

However one of the important parts around Greedfall’s class and skill system its open nature to allow players to choose how they spec out their character.

The three starting classes are:

Greedfall Class List


The class that mainly focuses on heavy combat weapons and blades that recommends strength and endurance.


The technical class starts players off as a rogue/ranger type concentrating on firearms, traps and one-handed blades.


The magic class is the mage/wizard route for characters focusing on high damage long-range magical attacks.

Do I have to stick with one class in Greedfall?

This is an important question and the simple answer is no.

In Greedfall choice is for the player, this means that you can build your character in any way you like. If you wanted to be a sneaky warrior who fires magic spells and lays traps then go for it.

The starting choice just allows Greedfall to ease you into their system and extends out from there however you like.