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Character Creation

GreedFall Guide

Greedfall puts a big emphasis on De Sardet the main protagonist of the story. Character creation reflects this by allowing you to customise your character based on how you play RPG’s and you can see below the different ways to best build your character for the adventure.

Appearance Options

Appearance options for your character are the most limited when it comes to customisation when compared to the skills and attributes options mentioned later.

You can tweak De Sardet’s sex and choose from a number of preset faces, hairstyles and colours for each plus overall skin tone. If you are looking for advanced customer creation, being able to change the shape of your face, size of your nose etc then sadly you’ll be left wanting more.

At the moment, Greedfall only offers a small selection of preset appearance options.


Classes in Greedfall are more of a starting set up for your character which is a recommendation, rather than a permanent choice that you are set for. Greedfall with recommends Attributes and Talents for the selected class.


This class as the name suggests will focus on melee combat over all else.

Focuses on one-handed heavy combat weapons and one-handed blades, the warrior will start with One-Handed Heavy, One-Handed Blades and Firearm Skills.

Recommended Attributes:

  • Strength
  • Endurance

Recommended Talents:

  • Craftmanship
  • Vigour


This class as the name suggests focuses more on crowd control techniques for turning the tide of the battlefield. These are seen as the Ranger, Rougue.

Focusing on tools, science and overall strategy they start with Elemental Traps, Firearms and One-Handed Blades.

Recommended Attributes:

  • Accuracy
  • Agility

Recommended Talents:

  • Science
  • Lockpicking


The magic class as the name suggests concentrates on long-range magic-based attacks with are high DPS.

Focusing on combat from a distance the Magic class starts with Divine Magic Rings, Statis and One-Handed Heavy weapons.

Recommended Attributes:

  • Mental Power
  • Willpower

Recommended Talents:

  • Science
  • Intuition

Note: Don’t worry too much about the starting class as the game does not look down any skill trees based on this selection. You can always branch out into being a magical warrior or a warrior who concentrates on traps. In Greedfall the choice is yours to build out your character however you see fit. There’s also later in the game the chance to re-spec if you want to change your build.


Attributes are an important component for your character as increasing different attributes is tied to the armour you can wear, what weapons you can wield and the buffs your character has to help you out in the lands of Teer Feerdee.

  • Increases the power of all melee attacks.
  • Required attribute to wield the top one-handed and two-handed blunt weapons.
  • Increases max HP and balance.
  • Required attribute needed to wear the best heavy armour.
  • Increases Fury Generation rate and damage inflicted in melee combat.
  • Required attribute to use the top one-handed & two-handed swords.
  • Increases the power of all firearms and alchemist tools.
  • Required attribute to use the top firearms.
Mental Power
  • Increases the power of all magic spells.
  • Required attribute to use the best rings.
  • Increases MP and spell duration effects.
  • Required attribute to use the best amulets and necklaces.


Much like Attributes, Talents are another side of your character which greatly affects your success in Greedfall. There are six different you can unlock, with a choice of one at the beginning of the game when creating your character. When selecting a class, the game will recommend a starting talent but you can choose anyone you like to start away.

  • Reduces merchant prices and improves the companion’s combat ability.
  • Increases chances of success for some dialogue choices.
  • Given the ability to craft potions.
  • Destroy weak walls with explosive vials.
  • Improves the balance that lets you navigate through difficult passageways.
  • Increases the ammo capacity for firearms and the amount of HP & MP you recover when not in combat
  • Given the ability to pick locks such as chests.
  • Enemies are easier to see.
  • Gathering places become easier to spot.
  • More loot drops for ingredients and other objects
  • More dialogue choices are given when talking to certain characters.

Once you have chosen what De Sardet will look like, what “starting” class you’d like to play and your Talents and Attributes are locked in you’ll be ready to begin your journey in Teer Fradee.