Tips for Completing Missions and Earning V-Bucks!

    Fortnite Guide

    No time to grind in Save The World for V-Bucks? Perfectly understandable. In this guide, we’ll be going over the best practices to maximise your quest completion in each mission.

    Exclamation Points

    When in a mission, the white exclamation point will signal your primary goal for the mission, but keep an eye out for yellow exclamation points on the map. These will automatically populate as you brush past a quest item, so make sure you investigate them all!


    Sometimes your quest items won’t be as noticeable as you’d like. Make sure to dive into every house you can, searching behind every corner. You never know if a box of chocolates or a stack of tapes you’re looking for may be hiding somewhere.

    Search Search Search

    This could be considered an overall best practice, but for the sake of missions, make sure you completely search items before you destroy them. If you’re looking for a specific item, it may only be find-able through searching an item before destroying it. If that’s not the case, at least you get some extra loot.

    Research Before Launching

    Often times your quests will require playing as a certain hero or micromanaging in the lobbies. These things cannot be changed once starting a mission, so make sure that you’re completely set for the job ahead before jumping in.

    Always Do Dailies

    Most quests can be a gamble on whether or not they drop V-Bucks, but your Dailies will ALWAYS give that sweet cash. If V-Bucks are your goal, make sure you prioritize these bad boys.

    Use the Completion Book!

    If you have duplicate schematics or characters, make sure that you drop them in your collection book. Hitting levels 6,26, and 91 award 500 V-Bucks each. That’s almost a legendary skin alone from just collecting!