Fortnite Playground Tips & Tricks

    Fortnite Guide

    Fortnite’s newest addition has been long awaited, giving players the chance to practice the games building and shooting mechanics before jumping straight into a game. So how should you be utilizing this playground mode while its here? This guide will focus on giving some quick tips on the best way to maximize the practice you can gain from Playground.

    Know Your Weapon

    Fortnite is filled to the brim with weapons, and chances are you haven’t had a great chance to focus on using them too much. Try and find a squad to play with and practice weapons you’ve never used before. You may find that the Drum Gun or SMG may be more viable options for your day-to-day battling than you had previously thought.

    Build, Build, Build!

    The first and foremost important thing to know about Fortnite, is that the builder always wins. If you aren’t building, you’re putting yourself at a massive disadvantage to the competition. Practice building small bases as quickly as you can, before upgrading to towers. This is by far the most useful skill that you can gain through playing the Playground LTM.

    Blow Everything Up!

    If building is the most important skill in Fortnite, then it is equally important to learn the best ways to dismantle every type of base. When playing with friends or solo, try focusing on using explosives to take down bases of all different shapes and sizes. In the actual Battle Royale, you’ll gain a major advantage if you’re able to take out an enemies building in one fell swoop.

    Hang in There!

    Sometimes you won’t be the one blowing bases up, you’ll be getting blown up. It’s equally important to find ways to minimize the damage received when falling down a mountain or crumbling base. Practice building platforms if possible while you’re tumbling to catch your fall. If your base is in a position where this is impossible, try remembering to add a bouncer to the top. If you know the base is coming down, a quick bounce to save you from all possible fall damage.

    Keybinds & Control Schemes

    Fortnite is filled with different possible control schemes for every type of playstyle, and the playground mode is the perfect place to give it a shot. Try fooling around with your keybinds, or if you’re on a controller, fiddle with the different premade schemes. You’ll never know if Builder Pro is a more viable option if you always play on standard.