Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Week 9 Challenges Guide

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    Welcome to Season Six, Battle Royalers.

    If you’ve been playing Fortnite up until this point, you get the gist of how these challenges go. Every week, Battle Pass owners have the opportunity to complete challenges and unlock rewards to help personalize your storm survivor. As usual, Battle Pass owners will have more challenges than the Free users, and we’ll divide the challenges as such.

    Luckily, your pals at VGU are here to help you get through that battle-pass as quickly as possible and get Bonesy on your back. Good luck!


    Get Airtime in a Vehicle

    This one sounds weird, but actually shouldn’t be too bad. You’ll need to get 30 seconds of air time in any of the vehicles in-game. This does NOT need to be in one go, and can be done in multiple different jumps.

    Score on Different Clown Boards

    For this challenge, you’ll need to find the different Clown Boards scattered around the map and play the carnival game included. You’ll need to get a score of ten on three different boards around the map.

    For a nice and concise map on where to find the boards, check out Reddit User thesquatingdog’s fancy cheatsheet map for the challenge here.

    Consume Mushrooms

    Another Staged challenge, this time based on consumables. You’ll need to consume five mushrooms to wrap up this challenge. As it is staged, you’ll likely have to find and consume batches of other consumables around the map as well.

    Battle Pass

    Deal damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade

    For this challenge, you’ll need to deal 300 damage with any of the aforementioned throwable items. A great mode to do this in at the moment is Food Fight due to high item drops and respawns.

    Deal damage to opponent structures with Dynamite

    A big challenge here, you’ll need to deal 10,000 damage with the new Dynamite item to opponent structures. As previously mentioned, the Food Fight mode would be a solid choice for this challenge as the opponents are grouped together, making it easy to find enemy structures.

    Rocket or Grenade Launcher Eliminations

    For this challenge, you’ll need to rack up three kills using either the Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher of any rarity.

    Deal damage with Grenades to opponents

    Another staged challenge this week. You’ll need to deal 100 damage with grenades to enemies. This pairs nicely with the previous challenge, and if you focus on using grenades, you should be able to knock the two challenges out together.