Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Week 8 Challenges Guide

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    Welcome to Season Six, Battle Royalers.

    If you’ve been playing Fortnite up until this point, you get the gist of how these challenges go. Every week, Battle Pass owners have the opportunity to complete challenges and unlock rewards to help personalize your storm survivor. As usual, Battle Pass owners will have more challenges than the Free users, and we’ll divide the challenges as such.

    Luckily, your pals at VGU are here to help you get through that battle-pass as quickly as possible and get Bonesy on your back. Good luck!


    Six Shooter or Heavy Assault Rifle Eliminations

    Two of the new weapons are up in this weeks challenge list. Eliminate two enemies using either of these new weapons to get this one in the bag.

    Visit Several Places in a Single Match

    This is another staged challenge, you’re probably getting used to them by now. For this challenge, visit Lonely Lodge and Retail Row in a single match. As this is a staged challenge, you’ll be repeating this four more times at different locations.

    Dance with a fish trophy at different Named Locations

    For this challenge, dance near the Fish trophies at seven of any of the following locations.

    • Fatal Fields
    • Greasy Grove
    • Snobby Shores
    • Tilted Towers
    • Dusty Divot
    • Retail Row
    • Lonely Lodge
    • Wailing Woods
    • Risky Reels
    • Lazy Links
    • Junk Junction

    Battle Pass

    Visit different Named Locations

    For this challenge, visit any four of the named locations on the map in a single match.

    Stage 1: Use Grappling Hook

    Easy enough. This staged challenge will have you use different items in the order it requests. To kick it off, use a Grappling Hook. From there, use the other required items to wrap this one up.

    Get Trick Points in a vehicle

    This challenge can be completed in any of the three vehicles. Earn 250,000 points in a trick jump to get this one wrapped up.

    The hardest part is going to be landing, and getting high enough to earn that many points. Best practice is to build a massive ramp atop a mountain and go from there. Try and stay as even as you can on the way down or you may die on impact.

    Get a score of 3 on different Clay Pigeon Shooters

    To finish this challenge, you’ll need to go to three of the six Clay Pigeon Shooters and take out three of the pigeons. The locations are as follows,

    • West of Pleasant Park, right next to the abandoned building.
    • North of Lonely Lodge, atop a hill.
    • South of Paradise Palms, on the very edge of the map next to the river.
    • South of Shifty Shafts.
    • Alongside the Northern edge of the Loot Lake.
    • East of Lazy Links, next to the bridge.