Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Week 4 Challenges Guide

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    Welcome to Season Six, Battle Royalers.

    If you’ve been playing Fortnite up until this point, you get the gist of how these challenges go. Every week, Battle Pass owners have the opportunity to complete challenges and unlock rewards to help personalize your storm survivor. As usual, Battle Pass owners will have more challenges than the Free users, and we’ll divide the challenges as such.

    Luckily, your pals at VGU are here to help you get through that battle-pass as quickly as possibly and get Bonesy on your back. Good luck!



    Use Port-A-Fort or Port-A-Fortress in Different Matches

    This one is simple as can be, you need to use a Port-A-Fort or Port-A-Fortress in five different matches. For safety, you may wanna chuck them as soon as you find one, to make sure you get your credit for each match.


    Search an Ammo Box in Different Named Locations

    Another super simple one, you’ll want to search an ammo box in seven different named locations for this one. It’s worth noting that this does not have to be done in different matches.


    Ring the Doorbell of a House with an Opponent Inside

    This one is a bit odd, but you may remember that doorbells were something that were added a couple weeks ago. For this challenge, you’ll want to ring the doorbell of a house while an enemy is inside. You’ll have to do this three times in separate matches. Your best bet is to go to really busy locations with lots of houses like Pleasant Park to get this challenge.


    Battle Pass

    Stage 1: Land at Greasy Grove
    Stage 2: Land at Wailing Woods
    Stage 3: Land at Dusty Divot
    Stage 4: Land at Pleasant Park
    Stage 5: Land at Paradise Palms


    Stage 1: Dance on top of a Clock Tower

    The clock tower in question can be found at Tilted Towers, climb to the top of the tower and dance to advance to the next one

    Stage 2: Dance on top of a Pink Tree

    The pink tree is question can be found in the middle of Lucky Landing, head over there and dance on top of the tree to move forward.

    Stage 3: Dance on top of a Porcelain Throne

    You may already know where this one is, this is the giant toilet found at Flush Factory. Dance on top of it to finish this challenge.


    Eliminate Opponents Near Any of the Corrupted Areas

    This one is pretty self-explanatory as well. Eliminate three opponents near the big purple corrupted spots on the map to finish this one. It may be best to land at the locations to complete this one, as that is when they have the most traffic.


    Get a Score of 3 or more at Different Shooting Galleries

    For this challenge, you’ll have to hit at least three targets at five different shooting galleries found around the map. Follow the map down below to locate the shooting galleries and get this one in the bag!