Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Week 3 Challenges Guide

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    Welcome to Season Six, Battle Royalers.

    If you’ve been playing Fortnite up until this point, you get the gist of how these challenges go. Every week, Battle Pass owners have the opportunity to complete challenges and unlock rewards to help personalize your storm survivor. As usual, Battle Pass owners will have more challenges than the Free users, and we’ll divide the challenges as such.

    Luckily, your pals at VGU are here to help you get through that battle-pass as quickly as possibly and get Bonesy on your back. Good luck!



    Revive a Player in Different Matches

    This one requires having a teammate or two, so you’ll have to be in Duos or Squads. Revive a Player five times in different matches. If you’re just playing through the matches, these should be easy enough to grab.

    Stage 1: Search  a Chest at Lonely Lodge

    Like the other staged objectives, you’ll unlock new challenges as you complete the previous stages. For the first stage, open a single chest at Lonely Lodge, then move to the next staged location until you’ve wrapped this one up.

    Damage Trap Eliminations

    The hardest one in the free tier by far. You’ll have to eliminate one opponent with a Spiked Trap. Best bet is to be throwing one of these in a doorway somewhere and crossing your fingers that the Fortnite Gods are on your side.


    Battle Pass

    Hit a Player with a Tomato

    Once you hit Tier 28, you’ll unlock the Tomato toy that can be thrown at will. To get this challenge, you’ll have to hit a player, enemy or friend, with a tomato from 15m away.

    Stage 1: Visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in a Single Match

    Luckily for this challenge, these two locations are extremely close to one another. You’ll want to try and land towards the outskirts of Risky Reels and dash over to Wailing Woods to complete this one. As with the other Staged Challenges, you’ll have another pair of these to complete in your next match.

    Eliminate an Opponent in Different Matches

    By far the longest challenge you’ll be doing this week. This challenge requires eliminating ten opponents in separate matches. Meaning this challenge will take you at least ten matches, assuming you get one elimination per match.

    Time Trials

    For this challenge, you’ll have to complete three out of the five time trials scattered around the map. Follow the map down below to find each time trial location to blow through this challenge and get moving through those tiers.