Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Week 10 Challenges

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    If you’ve been playing Fortnite up until this point, you get the gist of how these challenges go. Every week, Battle Pass owners have the opportunity to complete challenges and unlock rewards to help personalize your storm survivor. As usual, Battle Pass owners will have more challenges than the Free users, and we’ll divide the challenges as such.

    Luckily, your pals at VGU are here to help you get through that battle-pass as quickly as possible and get Bonesy on your back. Good luck!


    Build Structures

    About as simple as it gets, for this challenge you’ll need to place 250 building blocks of any different shape or material. You may find some luck in doing this in one of the LTMs compared to the battle royale.

    Visit a Viking Ship, A Camel, and a Crashed Battle Bus

    • The Viking Ship can be found in the middle of the unnamed Viking village near Snobby Shores
    • The Camel is a statue that can be found near the Gas Station in Paradise Palms
    • The Crashed Battle Bus can be found southwest of Lazy Links in the middle of the field

    Search Chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms

    This challenge will send you to the two busiest places on the map. You’ll need to open chests in either Tilted or Paradise, these do not have to be a mix of the two locations, nor do they need to be done in the same game.

    Battle Pass

    Place Mounted Turrets in Different Matches

    For this challenge, you’ll need to place Mounted Turrets in different matches. You may have some luck doing this in an LTM due to the often higher spawn rates.

    Land At Lazy Links

    This is another staged challenge, the first stage will have you land at Lazy Links, and the subsequent stages will likely have you land at different locations across the map afterward.

    Complete Vehicle Time Trials

    You may be getting used to the Time Trials after this season, but you’ve got one last one to complete. This challenge will have you racing against the clock in the vehicle of your choice. The trials can be found at the following locations.

    • Northwest of Dusty Dibot
    • Near the Metal Llama to the North of Junk Junction
    • East of Retail Row, just South of the shipping container area.

    Shotgun Eliminations

    For this challenge, you’ll be needing to follow the stages using different weapons to advance. The first stage will have you eliminate a single opponent with a shotgun, from there you’ll likely need to use another weapon type to eliminate another single enemy and so on.