Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnitemares Challenges Guide Part 4

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    Welcome to Fortnitemares, Battle Royalers

    The cube has released a plague of cube monsters across the entire map. Luckily, there are some pretty neat rewards in store if you complete some challenges and send them back to where they came from. The challenges for this event are being released sporadically, and this wiki will be updated with the new challenges as they come.

    Part 4:

    Destroy Elite Cube Monsters

    You’re probably getting used to these challenges by now. For this challenge, defeat ten of the boss Elite Cube Monsters that spawn from the fragments. These guys won’t often spawn from every single fragment, so you may have to take out a few hordes before you have one show up.


    Damage Cube Fragments

    Cube fragments are the large rectangular cube pieces that spawn around the map, bringing the monsters with them. For this challenge, deal 2500 damage to them. This can be done with the pickaxe, guns, explosives, etc. so take your pick and take them out.


    Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match

    This should be pretty dang easy. Deal 1000 damage to cube monsters in one match. If you take out even a single fragment’s horde, this one should be in the bag.


    Visit different Corrupted Areas in a single match

    That’s right, they’re sending you back to the Corrupted Areas for this one. Visit four different Corrupted Areas in a single match to wrap this one up.


    Destroy Cube Fragments

    For this challenge, destroy three of the cube fragments spawning monsters around the map. If you’ve completed the Damage Cube Fragments challenge, you’ve definitely completed this one too.