Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • PlayStation 4

Tips & Things FFVII Remake Does Not Tell You

Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide

In this guide for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it will highlight some of the things that the game just does not really tell you.

Things that Final Fantasy VII Remake Does Not Really Tell You

  •  You can set abilities to quick commands in the Battle Settings so you don’t have to go through the menus during combat.
  • Combat abilities will happen as you execute them but they might not always hit their target if you are too far away or they dodge out of the way.
    • Enemies can also stand in front of each other blocking your attack and you can also be interrupted during the attack by being hit yourself.
  • When using items you can hold L1 to keep the menu open, this allows you to keep using items repeatedly which is much quicker.
    • This tip can be used in between battles to get your health back up quickly.
  • All your weapons will gain SP as you level up including the ones which you have not had equipped. When you acquire a new weapon the SP is also backdated so you are able to level up new weapons straight away to make them useful.
  • Green markers on the map are Side Quests. Doing them is a useful way to level up but gain additional items.
  • Pressing L2 will switch your minimap, compass or hide them.
  • Block paths that you find on your adventure that you are unable to progress are marked as discoveries and shown as purple on your map. These are mainly optional but you can come back to solve them to get additional items like Materia.
  • You’ll be given the information Materia called Assess, which allows you to scan enemies to learn their weaknesses, health, tactics etc.
    • You only need to do this one, and in the next encounter just press the touchpad to view the information again.
  • Like most RPGs, there’s a lot of merit in going off the beaten path, exploring away from the main objectives and locations is a great way to find hidden treasure or Shinra Boxes.
  • Shinra boxes are great for keeping your items stocked but they are random, so there is no way of knowing for sure you’ll get the item you need.
  • Moogle Medals can be found throughout the game like in Sinrea Boxes or chests and these are a currency for special vendors to gain additional more interesting items.
    • One item you can gain from these vendors using the Medals are books that add an additional skill point to improve weapons.
  • You might be tempted to sell your additional Materia that you no longer need but keep hold of them as there can come a time where multiple characters might need the same magic to defeat an enemies weakness.
    • Materia are rare in the game, so if you don’t have a known location to buy them – don’t sell them for a quick buck.
  • Materia gain SP by being equipped not by being used. So you can level them up without having to actually use them in battle.
  • Completionists will be happy to know that you are able to go back to different chapters, so you don’t have to worry about collecting everything on your first run through.