Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • PlayStation 4

How to win at Darts to Get Luck Up Materia

Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide

Darts is one of the mini-games in Final Fantasy 7 Remake that you can play from Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum. This page covers tips on how to play darts and how to beat Wedge’s score and win to get the Luck Up Materia in the FFVII Remake.

How to play Darts

First, you need to get to the dartboard which is to the right of the Jukebox inside 7th Heaven. You can play the minigame while waiting for Tifa in Chapter 3 during the second visit to the bar.

Don’t worry though you will also be able to play darts in Chapter 4 when you make you way back to 7th Heaven again in case you have missed it in Chapter 3.

When you are in front of the dartboard just press Triangle to start the game.

How to Win at Darts

Like the real-life game of darts, you need to score 301 points exactly without going over. You also need to beat Wedge’s score which is done by reaching 301 points in 7 darts or less.

  • Each of the largest parts of the dartboard will score the amount numbered at the top of that wedge.
  • The outermost ring is the double ring and will give you double the amount numbered on the board.
  • The inner smaller ring around the board is the triple ring and will give you three times the points numbered on that part of the wedge.
  • Getting a dart in the centre (bullseye) will score you 50 points. While the smaller ring just outside of the bullseye will score you 25.

The way to earn the most points with a single dart, however, is not the bullseye but actually the triple 20 ring, which gives you 60 points. Or 180 total with three darts, if you hit the target each time.

To win at darts in the least steps you need to

  • Hit a dart in the triple 20 ring fives times to score 300 points.
  • Hit the final dart at the 1 ring to gain that last point.

You can miss one of the triple 20 shots and can still beat Wedge’s score if you got a single 20 instead. Aim for the double 20 in your next shot which will bring you back down to one point remaining.

Dart Tips

  • You need to press X to throw the dart
  • As you “aim” the reticle will grow and shrink (pausing at the smaller ring for a moment) and the closer you get to a smaller ring the more accurate your shot will be.
  • The ring will shrink twice, so there are only two chances to throw the dart.
  • Every time the ring shrinks your aim is thrown off slightly, so you will need to correct this for your second chance.

Where to collect your reward if you win

If you’ve gotten to this section then congrats on winning at darts. To collect your reward you just need to head to Chapter 4 – Mad Dash. The wedge will mention the darts leaderboard and give you the Lucj Up Materia while you are inside the 7th Heaven Bar.

Luck Up as the name suggests increases your Luck which improves the chances of getting critical hits in combat.